Nine scholarships to outstanding students of Chinese descent were awarded at the recent CCSS Spring Banquet. Recipients were selected by a committee headed by Dr. Jun Wang from more than three dozen applicants for their academic achievements, community service, extra-curricular activities and written recommendations. These students, the awards they've received, and a biography are as follows:

CCSS Scholarship:

Yusen Li is a brilliant student from Franklin High School and son of Jian Shu and Jiali Li of Stockton. Immigrated to the United States at the age of 6, Yusen worked hard to quickly overcome the language barrier and was on route to his continuing academic success. His teachers and counselor from Franklin have described him as an "extremely intelligent," "honest," "highly motivated," and "goal-oriented" student who "strives for success in all his endeavors." His 4.67 UC/CSU Grade Point Average speaks volumes of his rigorous academic preparation and success at Franklin, and his active participation of school and extra-curricula activities are equally impressive. He is the founder and currently the president of the Rotary Interact Club, the Captain of Varsity Golf at Franklin, and a superb young pianist and Stockton Symphony Master Class performer. Yusen plans to study Economics at the University of Chicago in the fall to eventually become a Business and Stock Analyst.

Nancy Cen is an outstanding student from Stagg High School and daughter of Dennis and Ann Cen of Stockton. In addition to her remarkable academic achievement, Nancy has actively participated in several campus club activities. She is the Vice President of Stagg High School's California Scholarship Federation, a Reporter and a Copy Editor of Stagg Line (the school newspaper), and the Vice President of Advanced Placement Club. Nancy has also devoted herself to Youth Group church activities as well as community service at Jene Wah. Her school teachers describe her as a "hard-working," "inquisitive," "dedicated," and "very motivated" student who "stands out" among her peers. Nancy plans to study Engineering in UC Berkeley in the fall to eventually become an Engineer.

Christopher and Florence Poon Scholarship:

Susan H. Chi is an outstanding student from Stagg High School and daughter of Malcolm and Betty Chi of Stockton. She is not only a remarkable student academically but also a leader in student government and activities, serving as the Secretary and Vice President of Stagg's Academic Decathlon and Graphics Editor for her school newspaper, Stagg Line. Susan also volunteered one day a week in the past 4 years to serve as a shelver at Margaret Troke Library. She is a recipient of numerous awards, including 2 nd Place Team Math Quest and 3 rd Place Pre-Calculus at MESA, 3 rd Place for Art and Essay in Academic Decathlon, President's Award for Educational Excellence. Susan plans to major in Pharmacy in UOP in the fall to eventually become a Pharmacist.

Mary and Jimmy Lam Scholarship:

Stephanie A. Wang is an outstanding student from Franklin High School and daughter of John and Adrienne Wang of Lodi. She has been described by her school teacher as a "go-getter," a "superb leader" with "integrity" and "a natural talent to organize and lead." A Gold Medalist for Experimental Design in Science Olympiad, she has served as President of Franklin's Science Olympiad since her junior year and Treasurer of Red Cross at Franklin. During the years when her Dad worked overseas, Stephanie helped her mother to "hold her family together" (as observed by her school teacher) and worked 5 hours per week to help her mother at work while her mom was going through various health challenges. Stephanie plans to study International Studies at UOP to eventually become an ESL teacher.

Wong Shee Huey Memorial Scholarship :

Shelly W. Wong is an outstanding student from Lincoln High School and daughter of Chun Fon & Li Wong from Stockton. In addition to her superb academic performance, Shelly has actively participated in school activities, serving as the Secretary, Bulletin Editor, and Web Developer of Key Club, Secretary of Latin Club, and Vice President of the school's Chinese Cultural Student Society. She has also worked as an elementary school tutor and peer tutor at Lincoln High School. She has been described by her school counselor as "a bright and driven young lady" with a "very kind and personable" personality and by her Mathematics Department Chair as "a distinguished student with excellent scholarship and a keen, inquisitive intellect." Shelly plans to study Biological Sciences in UC Berkeley in the fall. Her career goal is to become a Pediatrician.

Ock Sam Huey Memorial Scholarship:

Wendy R. Lee i s an excellent student from Delta College's Culinary Arts program with a career goal of becoming a chef. She has successfully completed her Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, Baking, and Pastries as well as three occupational certificates and is ready to transfer to San Francisco State University in the fall, majoring in Hospitality Management. She is a founding member and Treasurer of the Delta Culinary Arts Club (Artisan Bakers Club) and the Baking and Pastry Teaching Assistant for the Culinary Art 7 and 8 Classes. In addition to her school work and activities, Wendy has also the experience of working up to 35 hours per week in Le Bistro, first as a Server and now as a Line Cook. Her professor at Delta College describes her as one who "is always well-prepared academically for her classes" and "extremely helpful" as a Teaching Assistant. She is also an award-winning recipient of Academic Senate's Outstanding Student Recognition.

Dr. Henry and Sylvia Wong Scholarship:

Christia Shih an exceptional student from Manteca's Sierra High School and daughter of Michael and Tambra Shih of Manteca. Christa is a mature and conscientious student with a strong will, unyielding responsibility, and unusual ability to weather life's unforeseeable challenges. She "has the maturity to focus on her priorities" when her parents were divorced, when she had to relocate with her mother and her new family, when her mother was in a serious car accident and hospitalized for 6 months during which Christa had to cook and take care of her younger siblings, or when her father passed away last December. In spite of all of these unforeseeable life's challenges, Christa remained focused on her education and committed to academic excellence. She even squeezed in time for athletic and extra-curricular activities. She plans to study Biology at UC Berkeley in the fall to eventually become a physician.

Dr. Mary Ni Wang Memorial Scholarship:

Leonard Huang is an outstanding student from Edison High School and son of Jing Zong Huang and Sau Mei Lee of Stockton. A Valedictorian from Edison High, Leonard has taken the most rigorous high school courses among his peers at Edison and is determined to make a difference. In addition, he is involved in several school activities and has worked 25 hours a week at CentroMart since 2005. He is a member of Edison's Academic Decathlon Team, National Honor Society, and California Scholarship Federation. His Math teacher describes him as "a hardworking, determined, and dedicated student" who "already exhibits many of the qualities we look up to in our leaders, such as compassion, a strong character, and integrity." Leonard plans to study Computer Engineering in Berkeley in the fall to eventually become a Computer Software Engineer.

Emma Mah is an excellent student from Tokay High School and daughter of Miao Mah from Stockton. Inspired by her hard-working mother, Emma strives for her best in school work and in community services. She is the Vice President of Tokay High School's Key Club, a member of California Scholarship Federation, and an active member of Stockton Chinese Baptist Church's Youth Group and Youth Choir as well as a Helper of the Children's Choir. In addition to her busy school schedule and excellent academic work, Emma has also worked up to 9 hours per week as a tutor or babysitter. Her high school teacher describes her as a responsible student who "has a great attitude and does not give in or give up when faced with a challenge." Emma plans to study Chemical Engineering in UC San Diego.